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We bill In-Network insurance companies for you. We will charge you your copay or coinsurance amount. If your plan requires you need to meet your deductible first and the deductible has not been met, we are obligated to charge you the contracted rate we have with your insurance. 

Please see below the list of In-Network Insurance Companies that we take. 

In-Network Insurance Companies

Please make sure to provide your Member ID on the Patient Inquiry Form so we can contact your insurance company and complete a benefits check for your mental health benefits. 


(Regence, Premera,
Anthem, etc.)

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a national insurance company with different plans depending on which state the plan originates from. For example, in Oregon, BCBS is "Regence" and in Washington, BCBS is "Premera" and in California, it is "Anthem." There are also additional BCBS insurance companies such as Care First BCBS and Regence Group Administrators, to name a few. We are contracted with all BCBS plans, even if not listed here. 

First Choice

First Choice Health is a network of providers used by certain insurance companies. Such companies include First Choice Health Administrators and Health Comp. 


Pacific Source


Out-of-Network Insurance Companies

United Health Care (UHC)

We will UHC insurance company as an out-of-network Provider. We will submit the insurance claim to UHC on your behalf. Typically, there is a deductible that needs to be met before UHC will pay for the services. Some UHC plans do not have a deductible that needs to be met before they pay for services, such as some Nike employer plans. The amount billed will go towards your out-of-network deductible if this applies. 

Cash Pay

For those with Out of Network Insurance, we will charge a cash pay rate. Rates are as follows:

Initial Intake Appointment: $385

Follow-Up Appointments: $200

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