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Psychiatric Medication Management

A. If you would like an assessment to determine if medication is recommended for your particular circumstance, this option is a good fit for you. I can complete an assessment and I can tell you if your problem area is best treated with medication, psychotherapy (talk therapy), or both in combination. If I recommend medication, I will manage those medication changes with you. If I recommend therapy, you will need to find a therapist (PsyD/PhD/LCSW/LPC, etc.) on your own. I do not provide therapy services.

B. If you are currently taking psychiatric medication and want to re-assess if medication changes may need to be made, this service is also a good fit. 

C. Lastly, if you are taking psychiatric medication and are stable on your current medications and need refills of your existing medication, this service is also a good fit, as long as you are not taking controlled substances. I do not prescribe controlled substances. Controlled substances include all psychostimulants for ADHD (Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, etc.), all benzodiazepines (Zanax, Klonopin, lorazepam, etc.), some sleep aids (Ambien, Sonata, etc.), and Gabapentin. 

Services NOT available…

Weekly or biweekly 45-60 minute Psychotherapy appointments - Although I can provide brief and supportive therapy as part of your treatment with medication, these services are time-limited and not offered at the typical therapy time frames (such as 45 to 60 minute appointments, occurring, weekly or biweekly), found with therapists that provide ongoing talk therapy

ADHD Treatment - I don't diagnose or treat ADHD. 

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